Accounts & Finance

Accounts and Finance is the core and starting point of Financial Management for the company. This requires focus on detail and quality. With automated processes, its important for basic accounting to be done with diligence and with the attention that is required to ensure accurate book keeping.

Our Accounting & Finance Services include :-

Accounts Receivables

Effective accounts receivables management is the lifeline of any business. This starts with timely and accurate invoicing and ensuring that debtors have received and acknowledged receipt of the invoices.

Our Accounts Receivable services include :-
1. Raising of estimates and management of signed estimates
2. Timely and accurate raising of invoices
3. Submission of invoices to customers
4. Tracking of accounts receivables
5. Payment follow up
6. Reconciliation of accounts receivables
7. Records Management

Vendor Payments

Vendors are as important as customers. More so because business depends on good quality vendors who need to view the organisation as a partner and for vendors to be motivated to provide the highest quality of products and services.

Our Vendor Management services include :-
1. Identifying quality vendors
2. Purchase support
3. Purchase Order Management
4. Vendor invoice verification
5. Approval processing
6. Payment processing
7. Management Information

Financial Statement Creation

All businesses have one need – proper financial accounting and reporting. Financial Statement preparation is not only required for regulatory and tax purposes but for a host of other reasons including investors, management , banks, lenders and other stake holders.

Our team supports Financial Statement Creation :-
1. Trial Balance Preparation
2. Profit & Loss Statements
3. Balance Sheet finalisation
4. Special format reporting for certain authorities

MIS and Management Reporting

Every business and organisation needs to keep a track of its performance. Waiting for the year end to prepare financial statements may often be too late to steer the course of business. Management Reporting is important for business and functional managers to be able to track their goals vs achievements.

Our MIS and Management Reporting services include :-
1. Financial Performance by business unit
2. Tracking and reporting of key matrix based on the specific business
3. Non financial reporting including Human Resources, Productivity , Regulatory compliance, Property and Assets
4. Customised MIS for management based on needs